silver elephant

Nindya Kusumawardhani

You are Silver Elephant, who gives an impression of being pure and innocent.
You are not pretentious and are very straight forward type of woman.
You tend to lack sweet sensitivity.
Instead you possess strong will power and resolute attitude.
You are a hard worker, and will not depend on others.
You are a person who steadily puts effort.
You think high of rationalism, and hence, lacks softness.
Economically, you are precise and sound.
You will not spend money on impulse.
Although you don’t show, you are actually a person with pride, and tend to be upright and little bit short tempered.
You may act more maturely than your age, or more childish at times.
This unbalance tends to be your attraction.
You are very independent sort of person, and will not dare think to rely on men.
You therefore try to take control of things.
You can very well take lead of men, and have a skill of not showing that.
Profit and efficiency is very important to you.
You tend to choose your hobbies on that as well.
Even after you get married, you wouldn’t be turned by houseworks, and in fact will carry out it efficiently.
You will take great interest in your children’s education, and will turn out to be a good mother and a wife.

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